Get to Know Me!

I spend a lot of my time listening to music and blogging. My favorite genres are hip-hop and indie, and my favorite artists right now are the weeknd, Kendrick Lamar, Death Grips, Danny Brown, Milky Chance, and Slint.

I really love using social media as a way to discover new art, so I am currently running a few blogs. My art blog can be found here, my twitter here, and my facebook here.

My relationship with art has been a somewhat lacking one, if I’m being entirely honest. I played trombone while I was in middle school, but gave up when people started calling me a “trom-boner”. (Pre-teens are ruthless, let me tell you.) I attempted to learn guitar in ninth grade, but it didn’t come easily to me and I didn’t look as cool as I wanted to, so I dropped that hobby pretty fast. I’ve always really wanted to be one of those fashion-conscious, mysterious, artsy guys that people talk about in hushed tones over a glass of chardonnay and a five-course meal, but I’ve never really put the effort in.

I’ve been to three concerts: Kendrick Lamar, Walk The Moon, and a reggae-fest that was really fun. The reggae-fest was my first real concert, and I’m honestly not even all that involved in the reggae scene, but three really nice and attractive people invited me to go with them so I definitely couldn’t refuse. I was a sophomore in high-school at the time and I had never really been around stoners before. I met more that day than I have met in my life since. Kendrick was amazing live, and it really surprised me how short he is in person. This mom and her teenage daughter got in a really intense fist fight like four inches away from me. My encouraging screams of “kick her ass” were not appreciated at all, but concert security broke it up before they slaughtered me.


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